About Annie

Annie Ekstrom is a native of Oregon who loves love, lace, flowers, her pup Henri and husband, Mike - not necessarily in that order. Annie designs custom veils and headpieces for brides looking for something unique to match their vision for their big day.

Annie Ekstrom Bridal is a passion business that takes up most of Annie's evenings and weekends. Weekdays 8-5, Annie can be found out on the Nike  WHQ campus where she works as a Recruiter for the Nike Design team.

When she isn't buried under piles of tulle and lace, or working with real designers, Annie loves to be outside on her skis, working on a home renovation project or trying a new restaurant with her ever-patient and hungry husband, Mike.




The Annie Ekstrom Bridal Story

Annie opened Annie Ekstrom Bridal in September 2015 after her own trouble finding someone to create a custom veil for her wedding. After looking online and at many of the local bridal stores, Annie couldn't find someone who would design a veil to her specifications in a price range that was at all manageable. Veils are expensive - plain and simple - but they shouldn't cost more than your wedding dress and not be exactly as you want them.

And so, Annie made her own veil.

An avid sewer and lover of all things lace and frills, Annie went to her local bridal fabric store and begged a woman to show her how to make a veil. After a few messy cuts on the tulle, Annie was hooked.


A little backstory - one of Mike's favorite things to joke about is that Annie attended Quilt Camp every summer growing up instead of regular camp where you do fun crafts like painting rocks. At quilt camp, Annie fell in love with sewing and learned many technical skills that have served her in all of her later sewing endeavors. While Mike laughs at Annie for going to her nerdy camp, he has no idea that their future kids will absolutely be attending Quilt Camp so that they can help mom in the veil shop later on. :)