Drop Veil - No Trim

Drop Veil - No Trim

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A drop veil is a single sheet of material that can be worn with a clip-in comb to secure it to the hair. Many brides drape the material over their face of the walk down the aisle and then flip the front layer back for the remainder of the ceremony. Flipped back, this veil makes a gorgeous two-tier veil style. Can be designed with one or two combs depending on bride's styling preference.

Feel free to send a note to Annie to customize the look! Some customization can be done at no additional fee.

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Veils are made to order and so exact length preference should be made clear at time of order. To measure for your drop veil, please measure from the point at the top of the head you want the center of the veil to sit. Measure how far down your back you'd like the veil to go and then also measure how far down the front you'd like it to go.

Most drop veils are made with a very small clip comb that is subtley stitched at the top of the veil to hold it in place. This veil is optional.

To learn more about the range of lengths defined as "Fingertip," "Chapel," or "Cathedral," please visit: http://www.annieekstrombridal.com/lengths/