Vendor Loan Policy

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Annie Ekstrom Bridal veils have played an essential role in shoots and workshops around the world, and we are happy to offer them to industry professionals for shoots free of charge. To ensure that we can continue a free lending program, we simply request that the veil return to us in the same condition it came in and that we are mentioned in each place the phots are posted, published or shared.

Please be sure to tag us with the correct handle on social media and link our website in all published features. We have learned through experience that spelling “Ekstrom” can be a tricky one. :)

Instagram: @annieekstrombridal

Facebook: Annie Ekstrom Bridal

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 Lastly, before returning, we request that the borrower checks for grass, mud, dirt or seed pods in the material and is careful to remove the stain. If there are any new stains (makeup, mud, etc.), please just let us know. We understand that things do happen, but need to be able to clean or address the stain before we can loan the veil out again.

Vendor is responsible for paying return shipping:

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