The Annie Ekstrom Bridal Story

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It all started when...

Annie had trouble finding someone to create a custom veil for her wedding. After looking online and at many of the local bridal stores, Annie couldn't find someone who would design a veil to her specifications, especially in a price range that was at all manageable. Veils are expensive - they're handmade and delicate - but they shouldn't cost more than your wedding dress and not be exactly as you want them.

An avid sewer her whole life and lover of all things lace, Annie decided to see if she could make her own. At the local bridal fabric store, she begged the manager of the bridal section to show her how to make a veil. After a few messy cuts on the tulle, Annie was hooked.




Annie Ekstrom Bridal is a passion business that takes up most of Annie's evenings and weekends. Weekdays, Annie can be found out on the Nike WHQ campus where she works in Global Talent Acquisition for Design & Materials.

When she isn't buried under piles of tulle and lace, Annie loves to be anywhere with her husband, son and pup, outside on her skis, working on a home renovation project or hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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